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Zac Zinger - Scat Cat Fever


We now have a Discord, this is where we are the most active.

For IRC we recommend using your own IRC client such as chatzilla or mIRC.
Chatzilla: http://chatzilla.hacksrus.com/
mIRC: http://www.mirc.com/

IRC Channel: #eden @ Rizon

If not, use the following, enter a nickname and connect:

Web client: Kiwi IRC (Opens in a new tab).

Last Played

  1. Zac Zinger - Scat Cat Fever
  2. heRajiKa tracks - Shigure
  3. 캐스커(Casker) - Undo
  4. Clémentine - Doraemonno Uta (動畫 “多啦A夢”開場曲)
  5. Aki Okui - Kagiri naki Tabiji / Turn A Gundam
  6. Czech Philharmonic Orchestra - War War War
  7. Choro Club - Aqua Alta Hiyori
  8. Kosuke Atari - Natsu Yuuzora
  9. Keiichi Okabe - Shadowlord's Castle (Roar)
  10. jizue - hitorinouta