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Zac Zinger - Scat Cat Fever

How to listen

M3U: http://edenofthewest.com/listen.m3u
MP3: http://edenofthewest.com:8080/eden.mp3
What on earth is a playlist file and other riveting tales:
Simply put, the M3U is a downloadable file that you can treat like a song – you can move it and add it to playlists. The MP3 link is more applicable to stream-oriented software. If you’re unsure, the M3U is the better choice. Otherwise, whatever program you’re using should have a ”Open Link” or “Open URL” function, and that is where you use the MP3 link.

What to listen through:
VLC, Foobar2k, Winamp, MPC-HC

If you have any troubles, feel free to join our IRC channel and ask!


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